Saturday, March 31, 2007

ODA of Japan with their soft loans causing unintended harm to India and technology development!

I am aggrieved that Japan with soft loan support some times can be doing un-intended damage to my country in particular and to technology in general.

The loan assistance to India in particular for urban transport sector, helping the financially unviable metro rail is doing double damage: the administrators of my country are using this soft option to deny implementation of my innovation Skybus Standard gauge metro rail, which is financially viable and will not need the government assistance at all nor any dislocation of built up habitat in a city. ( For more details please visit ( )

I have donated all my patent rights to Government of India too!

Urban transport can be redefined and cause paradigm shift by converting the unremunerative urban transport project into remunerative one using this technology of mine. ODA is unintentionally hurting this implementation. The same funds could as well be given to the more urgent sanitation and water supply projects in about 200 cities- this will help our social upliftment and health care costs will reduce if we make our cities more hygienic.

So the sector where ODA can have much superior impact on peoples lives is being denied funds whenever you give funds for urban transport- where today we have the viable solution.

Secondly ODA is ending up doing the greatest disservice by propping up the financial black holes, as well as relatively unsafe metro rail as compared to the new Skybus standard gauge metro rail I constructed and demonstrated already. Unwittingly ODA is falling prey to the lobby adopting corrupt practices within the country which is suppressing our technology innovation which benefits humanity, using ODA money to back up!!

Like World Bank, ODA also should refuse any more assistance to urban transport - if you want to really help then use your influence to promote actively one project of Skybus- I promise you 15% return on the investment!!!! After that you do not have to support any more urban transport projects-- those funds can be used much better to provide urgently needed sanitation and drinking water projects in our cities! -- B. Rajaram M.Tech., FIE.,FNAEInventor Anti-collision/ Skybus TechnologiesIndian Railway Service of Engineers (1970-2005)CE(Goa),Dir(Projects)&MD Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.,(1990-2005)My Hand Phone:+91 9346 555550 Land Line: +91 40 27400365 INDIAIn USA 1 703 835 9025 (roaming)URL: said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." DIRECTOR Atri Knowledge Embedded Infrastructure Lab.(P) Ltd., United House, Public Garden Rd.,Hyderabad 500001

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Does skybus needs driver or not?
please give me reply sir.

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